Hair Care With a Chi Straightener

Deciding what to do to with your hair with a chi straightener is a no-brainer. The Internet is loaded with tons and tons of online step-by-step tutorial videos that teach girls and women how to achieve that salon-styled hairdo. With determination, patience and practice, anyone can have a perfectly-polished hairstyle without having to go to a salon every time. But before you get trigger-happy-or shall we say handle-happy-with your straightener, read on below for some essential hair care tips to guarantee best results every time you style your hair.

Keep away from harmful environmental factors that can cause serious damage to your hair. Avoid exposing your hair to too much sun, especially between 10 o’clock in the morning and 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are at their strongest during these hours, and this can severely dehydrate your hair which in turn can make the strands dry and brittle. If this happens, it is not advisable to use a chi straightener on damaged hair. Other things to keep in mind are to stay away from dust and pollution like car smoke and not too spend too much time in an air-conditioned room because it can dry out hair.

Go easy on styling products. While hair aids like gels, hair cuticle coats, volumizers, leave-on conditioners, mousse, hairsprays, and hair gums can add more volume and texture to your hair when you style it, excessive use of these products will eventually take its toll and damage your hair. Use just right amount when using these products to style or shape your hair. Plus, don’t forget to rinse them off very well afterward.

Follow through with a good set of shampoo and conditioner. If you can put a good amount of money in buying a chi straightener, then you surely must also invest in finding the perfect pair of shampoo and conditioner that your hair will love. The market is flooded with bottles and bottles of different shampoos and conditioners, and finding one that best adapts to your hair will definitely take some time. If you’ve already found a pair that produces beautiful results for your hair, try to stick to it. And don’t forget to rinse hair thoroughly after every bath to avoid any residue build-up.

Watch what you eat. Just like caring for your body, good nutrition and a well-balanced diet can make for good hair. We all know that saturated, fatty foods can cause harm to our bodies, and the same goes as well for our hair. Always keep a conscious mind when ordering out or doing your grocery. You can also check the Web for foods that provide nutrients needed for good hair growth such as those than contain high amounts of protein and antioxidants. Good, healthy hair can make styling with a chi straightener easy and no worries.

Get prompt and proper solution when you encounter hair problems like split-ends, lice, dandruff or falling hair. Constantly check your scalp for tell-tale signs of any impending hair dilemma. If you treat them at its onset, you are more likely to keep these pesky hair crises at bay.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol intake. These culprits can also cause hair to lose its moisture. Aside from these two, finding ways to maintain a stress-free lifestyle is also beneficial to your hair as it does to your overall well-being. With proper hair care and maintenance, a chi straightener can provide any woman or girl dozens of fabulous hair that will truly make heads turn.

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