World of Tanks console celebrates four years with 14 million players

The juggernaut known as World of Tanks seems unstoppable, with 14 million players to date in its console versions alone.

The title is celebrating its fourth birthday on consoles this month, and all 14 million of those drivers are welcome to  a free Tier II Ashigaru Te-Ke tank and three free anniversary war chests. To get the tank, you’ll need to log in and win a single battle between February 9th and March 1st. The war chests are available only from the 13th through the 14th for anyone who enters the game.

So let’s look at the game’s stats, shall we? Out of those 14 million players, 5.3M have been on the PlayStation 4, with the other 8.9M on the Xbox One. Over those four years, 90 million battles were fought, 44 billion shells fired, and four billion tanks destroyed. The console editions averaged 228,000 battles every single day in 2017 alone.

Here’s another fun fact: 850,000 tanks were destroyed by falling off a cliff. Even more — five million — were wrecked by “drowning.” Perhaps these tank drivers need proper instruction?

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