In SEO Domain Age Really Matters – Important Aspects to Know

seo domain age

In SEO, Domain Age Really Matters: Important Aspects to Know

seo domain age
Search engine optimization is so much more than people think it is. It is not just limited to one or two search engine ranking factors; there are hundreds of them. Some of them are more important than others but it is important to know about all of them. Of course you start with the basic tools and techniques. But you don’t stop there. It grows from there. The more you learn about the different SEO ways, the more you are able to add value to the website. One such SEO factor is called domain age. There is a lot of debate on how important it is in SEO. Here is a detailed account on what domain age is and if or not it affects your search engine optimization. Check your website’s domain age using

What is domain?

Before jumping to domain age, you should know what domain is. We have all come across domains on the internet. It is the words that you use to search the website on the internet. Just like phone numbers, every website is originally assigned an IP address. IP here stands for Internet Protocol. It is a bunch of numbers that can direct a user to the website. But on the internet, it would be a chaos to expect everyone to remember IP addresses of all websites. For the human ease, domains were introduced. And they are connected to the websites so that you can easily search websites like you do today.

What is domain age?

The phrase domain age is self-explanatory. Domain age is the number of months or years your domain has been active. Remember that domains are not websites. Domain is just the name of your website that you use to form the website’s URL. People use domains to open your websites but the websites itself are a different entity. When creating a website, you use software or coding to make the website. Then you purchase a domain and a web host. These are the three basic components of website creation. Therefore, domains are not the same as websites.
How does domain age play out in Google indexing?
It may be that some of you are not familiar with the concept of indexing. Search engines like Google and Bing play the primary role in providing relevant information to users. That is what they do. There are tons of websites on the internet but they choose the ones that make the most sense in regards to the keyword that is searched. To take in account most of the websites a search engine can show, it maintains a database. The database contains all the information about all the websites on the internet that it will show in search engines. How Google gives a website an entry into its database is through the process of crawling and indexing. Google crawler is an internet bot owned by Google. This bot browses all the websites that are either recently created on the web or whenever a website is submitted by the webmaster to Google’s search engine console. Google crawler then passes this information to Google’s database. This entry of information to the database is called Google indexing. Without being indexed by search engines, you can’t bring heavy traffic to your website. Without indexing, you are not shown in search engine results. Google indexing is an automated process. It can take as few as a bunch of hours to as many as a few weeks. To check if your website is indexed, you can type ‘site:’. Then hit search. All the pages that are indexed by Google will be shown in the results. If not, you can use Google’s search engine console to request another crawling. Now back to the domain age. Your domain age is not simply the number of months you have owned the website. When in SEO, only the number of months you have owned a domain since your website was indexed is what matters. You can’t just purchase a domain that is 10 years old but not already indexed by Google for better SEO results. It does not work like that. You need to ensure that the domain was indexed by Google.

Can domain age affect the SEO?

There is one of the most debated questions of all times. However, if you put it simply, it can be summarized right away. The answer is both yes and no. Domain age matters a lot in the beginning. And by beginning, we are referring to the first few months of the domain since it was indexed. For domains that have not been indexed for more than 3 months, it is difficult to rank on search engines. These websites are new and are not given a fair shot by search engines. This is how domain age can have a negative impact in the short run. If you want, you can purchase a domain that is a year or two old to start with. However, before you do that, you need to understand that a domain that has been indexed for 6 months does not have much of a difference in search engine rankings when compared with a website that has been indexed for 12 months. After the first few months, it does not really make a difference. It all equivalent in the long term.

How to check your domain age?

You can check your domain age right now. You can use an online domain age checker tool to see how long your domain has been active. Just make a Google search to find the tool. After that, on the tool, you just need to share with the tool your website’s URL. It will take a few seconds and then you will be shared with the results. Alternatively, you can also check the account of your domain provider. is one such provider. There in the account of your GoDaddy, it will show you how long has it been since you made this purchase.


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