Electric Hedge Trimmers – Master the Cut of Its Shrubs

Flower Garden

Electric Hedge Trimmers – Master the Cut of Its Shrubs

Flower Garden

The choice of a hedge trimmer depends primarily on the type of tree, shrub or bush to be cut. The main criteria to take into account: the power, the design of the blades and the good grip of the device.

Whether for a good cut squared or a simple refreshing of hedges of shrubs of the garden, electric hedge trimmers can be useful, since one has a certain surface to clean. For occasional use, electric, manageable, less expensive and less noisy machines, are generally sufficient, while thermal hedge trimmers, running on gasoline and heavier, should be reserved for informed handymen, able to maintain the engine.

In the category of electric hedge trimmers, the marketed products, which cost from 50 to 200 euros, are not all of equivalent quality, far from it. And the most expensive or the most sophisticated in appearance are not necessarily the best performers. In contrast, the first prices are also not convincing: the best electric hedge trimmers sold at around 20 euros are not recommended because they are fragile and cannot be used for several years in a row. Morality: it is better to carefully examine the question before starting to walk the shelves of DIY and gardening stores.

The priority is to choose a hedge trimmer adapted to the type of plants to maintain. If the thickness of the branches does not exceed 1 cm and the hedge is not very high, then many models with an average power – between 400 and 500 watts – and a price between 50 and 120 euros will suit. Beyond 1 cm, you have to be more selective. And start by being wary of what the manufacturers are saying. Because the maximum diameter indicated on the packaging is largely overestimated: during our last test, no hedge trimmer could cut cleanly more than 1.8 cm, while some labels indicated without complex 2.6 cm … This reserve is all the more valid if one attacks green or very hard wood.

From there, to overcome the toughest branches, the power of the engine counts, of course. The most reliable hedge trimmers never display less than 500 W. This being the case, some of the poorer ones, some also reach 500 or 600 W. Mistrust, therefore: this criterion is not enough. And it is not the size of the two blades that make up the cutting edge of the hedge trimmer that makes the difference. With a longer blade, the work is a priori faster, especially for hedges of a certain width, but it risks, in return, to be less precise. Not to mention that the device is heavier and therefore a little less manageable. Attention, moreover, at the time of purchase: a few centimeters of the blade may not be exploitable because of the arrangement too advanced handle.


In the end, in addition to the power of the engine, it is rather the design of the blades that must be looked at. For example, “double-cut” hedge trimmers, with both blades movable and cutting on both sides, produce less vibration and are more efficient than single-cut models, whose lower blade does not move. As for the spacing of the teeth, the more it will be important, the more the hedge trimmer will “catch” branches and can cut large diameters, but the result will also be less clear.

In general, maintaining hedges requiring a significant physical effort in a position often uncomfortable for the arms, back and shoulders, ease of use is paramount in the choice of a hedge trimmer. So, it is necessary to pay special attention to weight, keeping in mind that the lightest gear is also the least efficient. It is possible to find a compromise, knowing that there are good hedge trimmers weighing around 3.5 kg.

But a reasonable weight is nothing if the ergonomics do not follow. Also, at the time of purchase, do not hesitate to take in hand the hedge trimmer to see if the handles are well placed and if the device is balanced. An anti-slip “grip” system is of course a plus. The control buttons and the switch must also be easily accessible. And the possibility of tilting the blade 45 or 90 ° can be very valuable for cutting vertically as well as horizontally. On the market, there are some hedge trimmers with telescopic shanks to reach the highest hedge branches. Be careful, however, that when the rod is extended, the placement of the motor is not a factor of imbalance. Such a tool is also more expensive:

Finally, before going to the checkout, check that the hedge trimmer is sold with a sheath, which will protect both the blade and the hands. If it is fixed to the wall, it is even better, it will facilitate the storage of the device.


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