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Pregnancy do’s and don’ts are not only confined to the type of exercises one should to or to the certain activities one must limit. Pregnancy care requires complete care of one’s routine which includes taking care of the diet as well.

The significance of doing this is that a developing baby requires a lot of nutrition and proper proportion of everything which is necessary and vital for the growth. Proper growth means eating a proper meal enriched with every kind of nutrition. Before restricting yourself from below mentioned foods must calculate your due date, so you have the complete understanding of your diet for future months.

So what should a pregnant/expecting women eat and what must be avoided? These two things are commonly discussed but the question of discussion here is, what foods should a person LIMIT in order to ensure a safe pregnancy?


A  topic that is not as commonly discussed and talked about is the list of foods that one must limit during pregnancy. There are so many foods that are necessary at some point during the gestation period but doctors advise mothers-to-be not to consume them in excess.  
The basic problem is that mostly women confuse the things that must be limited with things that must be eaten in excess. Yes, your doctor might have advised you to eat a certain food but NOT in excess.

What are those foods? Here’s a list.

1- Eggs.

Yes, eggs are for sure in the list of foods that should be consumed during pregnancy but in a limited amount. Eggs are highly nutritious and packed with protein. Proteins are important for the growth of the baby. But the problem here is, eggs can contain germs which can end up causing food poisoning. The problem can be solved to some extent by PROPERLY cooking the eggs. Avoid eating half fried eggs which have greater chances of causing problems.

2- Fishes that contain even slight amounts of mercury.

Fish lovers? You can eat fishes, but limit the amount. It is usually preferred that one should eat around 11 ounces of fish each week and not more than this. Fish contains mercury and no, you will not find a fish without mercury simply because fishes get them from the water they swim in. So when a mother eats a fish, she basically gets mercury into her body which can pass to the developing baby making his brain weaker and his vision blur. So yes, you can eat fish but in a fixed quantity.
However, it is advised to ‘’completely’’ cut out fishes which are rich in mercury.

3- Tea and coffee.

Well, tea lovers might be highly disappointed to know that the consumption of tea and coffee should also be limited during this time. The proper lies with in caffeine. High caffeine consumption can prove to be harmful. Caffeine tends to make the heart beat faster. Again, it is preferred that one should consume about 12 ounces of caffeine each day. So, tea and coffee lovers do not have to completely stay away from these drinks. They just have to limit the amount because many people drink more than 12 ounces of caffeine in their daily routine.

A suggestion for the crazy coffee or tea lovers is to go for decaffeinated ones.


4- Chocolate.

Another very big bad news because no one can stay without chocolates for about 9 months. And you do not have to, you just have to be really careful regarding the amount of chocolate that you eat.

Okay, so chocolate again contains caffeine. The cocoa present might not be too healthy for the mother and the baby. Chocolate consumption means high sugar consumption and yes, it can cause unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy which one might regret later. So better safe than sorry, no?

5- Liver foods.

Liver foods or products have vitamin A in excess. Yes, you do need vitamin A simply because it is vital for vision and because vitamin A deficiency can cause a mother to catch numerous diseases. But the problem still remains. Basically liver foods contain vitamin A in so much excess that it becomes unneeded. The high consumption of this vitamin can cause numerous problems for the developing baby. The doctors advise mothers to be to have a very low consumption and to avoid even the supplements which are rich in vitamin A because they can just increase the overall scale of vitamin A consumption.


Pregnancy means organization. Organization does not only mean maintaining a proper diet plan and staying active but it also means knowing the important dates such as, when one trimester ends and the other starts, the conception date and the expected due date.
These dates help a mother be properly well aware and organized. However, these values are not able to be easily calculated. But the problem is easily solved through this very easy to use calculator.


This calculator requires nothing but your last period date. Within just seconds, it calculates for you your desired value which is super precise and accurate.

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