Honda CD70 vs Unique Xtreme UD70 Which is best

Honda CD70 vs Unique Xtreme UD70

Honda CD70 vs Unique Xtreme UD70 Which is best


Honda CD70 vs Unique Xtreme UD70

Honda and Unique Motorcycles are considered among one of those two-wheeler motorbike companies who have introduced a vast variety of motorbikes for their consumers across the country. Both the companies have launched 70cc motorbikes by the name of Honda CD70 and Unique Xtreme UD70 for their consumers. These 70cc bikes are fully equipped with innovative specs and features which are liked by the motorbike fans. Moreover, they are also ranked in the list of most-selling midrange 70cc bikes in the country. They feature durable build quality and are equipped with fuel efficient engines. If we talk about fuel economy and durable build quality Honda CD70 takes the lead as compared to its market rival in 70cc market by the name of Unique Xtreme UD70. Honda Pakistan is making a great name in the motorbike industry by the launch of this 70cc bike for its consumers.

Though, the question here arises is that which midrange 70cc bike is best for the consumers. Well, here in this blog I will do a head to head comparison of both these 70cc bikes which will help the consumer to buy the best midrange 70cc bike for themselves. If you are an addicted 70cc bike fan but don’t know which 70cc bike is best to buy for them. Well, we are here to help you make this decision in an effortless manner. Durable build quality, firm road grip, superb handling and much more features are earned by both of these 70cc bikes. So, let’s not wait any further and start the head to head comparison of both these 70cc bikes by known motorbike manufacturers in the country.


Price is an important factor which is considered as one of the top things which a consumer think when he plans to buy anything. This also play a vital role here as price is the most important feature of both these bikes. When we talk about price of both these bikes Honda CD70 2019 price in Pakistan is yet to be officially confirmed by Honda Atlas officials, but as per the rumors in the motorbike industry it is expected to be around Rs.66,900. On the other hand, Unique Xtreme UD70 price in Pakistan is around Rs.44,000. Here you can clearly see that Unique 70cc bike clearly beats its rival Honda 70 in terms of price. So, if price is a main factor of consideration for you when buying a 70cc bike, then simply without any doubt go for Unique Xtreme UD70.

Engine and Fuel Economy

Both these 70cc bikes are equipped with similar engines which means that they are equipped with 4-stroke single cylinder air cooled 70cc engines. The 70cc engines of both the bikes are mated to 4-speed transmission, which the rider can use from low speed to high speed or maintain the speed depending on the road condition. When we talk about fuel economy, Honda CD70 beats its rival by giving a fuel economy of 55-60kmpl while its rival can give a fuel economy of 45-50kmpl respectively. Both the bikes are equipped with 9-liter fuel tanks. The reason found behind Honda CD70 giving more fuel average as compared to its rival is its EURO technology and advanced engineering.

Build Quality and Graphics

Both Honda 70 and Unique UD 70 feature fine durable build quality along with appealing graphics both on fuel tank and side covers. However, Honda 70 feature a much better build quality and appealing graphics as compared to Unique UD70 Xtreme. Both the bikes are available in two appealing colors which include red and black. The stickers on fuel tank and side covers of Honda CD70 are more appealing as compared to its 70cc market rival Unique Xtreme UD70. The engineers have designed the Honda CD70 by keeping in mind the latest demands and needs of the bikers nowadays, which is the reason why this 70cc bike by Honda is in huge demand among young generation across the country.


When we talk about gears featuring in both these 70cc bikes, you get to know that both these bikes comes with 4-speed or 4-gear transmission. The rider can use any gear of this bike as per its bike speed or road condition in an effortless manner. Furthermore, the applying of gears allows the rider to also maintain the fuel efficiency of the bike while driving it a normal speed. The Honda CD70 also comes with more wheelbase as compared to its rival Unique Xtreme UD70 which makes the bike give more firm road grip even at high speeds. Both the bikes feature backbone type framework which makes their look firm.


The starting option which is available in both the bikes is kick start, which is quite common in this engine spec bikes available in the motorbike industry. However, self-start starting feature is also coming very common in the bikes nowadays. Many people across the country wish to see the self-start starting feature in these bikes as it will help them start the bike in an effortless manner. However, we can hope the self-start feature to be introduced by both the motorbike companies in their upcoming models of these 70cc bikes, which certainly will be a great feature in 70cc bikes for the consumers across the country.

Resale Value

Many consumers across the globe wish to buy a bike or anything else which has an amazing resale value. Here in this case when we talk about the resale value of both the bikes, you can clearly see that Honda CD70 has much better resale value as compared to its 70cc rival Unique Xtreme UD70 in the motorbike industry. The reason is people are fonder of Honda bikes as compared to Unique bikes due to their extravagant build quality and fuel efficient engines. Moreover, Honda CD70 is most selling bike even in used condition due to the reason people who don’t have the budget to buy it new go for it used version.

Final Verdict

Finally, at the end I would like to end this head to head comparison of both the 70cc bikes by Honda and Unique by saying that the decision of buying is up to the consumers. It is because if you have the money and wish to own a bike which has firm road grip and extraordinary resale value, then without any doubt go for Honda CD70.

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