6 Things to do in Nepal


6 Things to do in Nepal


6 things to do in nepal

There are many things to do and beautiful places around to visit in Nepal. So, please make yourself out of work for a couple of week to enjoy every moment in Nepal.
Here are some things you need to do in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal

This is one of the most important things you should not escape to do in Nepal. There are many hilly region and the hidden mountain around the famous city like Kathmandu and Pokhara to go for trekking. The most beautiful and exciting trekking in Nepal is not other than Everest base camp trekking. This is situated in Khumbu region of Solukhumbu district. It is important for all the adventurous seeker around the world, as you will be able to see top of the world i.e. MT. Everest.

Other than this you have option on Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, and the famous upper mustang. The Annapurna region offer you the great Mountain View and the beautiful sunrise from Ghorepani. The Annapurna circuit trek and base camp trekking of Annapurna is much exciting. You will see the beautiful farmland, local culture and the beautiful mountain desert on your way. The tiny forest covered with rhododendron and bamboo is awesome to see.  

The famous Mustang trekking is always on the top of our plan as this offer you the great adventure and the panoramic view of the hilly region and mountain. The Muktinath Temple is no.1 destination for Hindu worldwidely.

The Langtang region of Nepal offer you the great experience from Driving and trekking. The tiny pine trees and bamboo forest covered with snow is WOW. I just can’t imagine how happy you will be when you reach the langtang. The Holy Lake Gosainkunda is waiting you to give her great view and scene. The frozen lake will surprise you by its outlook.

See Temples in Kathmandu

The second thing we recommend on this article is the capital itself Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the city that will assult your senses, humble you and leave you in awe of its hidden things, temples and culture. It may be a bit The Kathmandu city is surrounded by Mountain ranges, it’s the best place to spend some days and have a close look of Kathmandu and from Kathmandu.

Many Hindu Temples and Bouddhist Temple are there in Kathmandu. Some of the world famous Temple Pashupati and Swoyembhu Lies just close to each other. The other Temple and meusuem of Kathmandu will make you feel awesome about Kathmandu The beautiful Bhaktapur and Nagarkot will take your breath away by its beauty.

Round Trip in Pokhara

The most beautiful city of Nepal is no other than Pokhara District. The pokhara is ready to offer you the great lakes and caves. The Fewatal of pokhara is ultimate happiness for the tourist from Nepal and the world as well. Other than this, you need to see great caves and its inner beauty. The caves offer you the great view and the falls inside the cave. The Sarankot near to pokhara offer you great panoramic Mountain View, The view of the mountain and the Paragliding from the place is great, you will always remember the experience you have in Pokhara.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in Nepal’s river is awesome, and you should’nt miss this experience in Nepal. The River of Nepal are so awesome when it comes to it flow. The Rafting Experience will take you out of the Death and show you the near view of the death., but don’t worry there will be much more safety measure.

Jungle Safari in National Park

Imagine you are in a place with full of safety and many animals are trying to hunt you down. The jungle Safari give you somewhat same experience like this. The jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park will allows you to see the beautiful River flowing down to the South and the animals that are very difficult to see in other places. The species that can be seen in this National Park are just awesome, rhino, elephant and many other species are great to see from the Jeep.

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Another adventurous sport available in Nepal is not easily available in other part of world. The famous Everest Peak climbing from south can be done from Nepal. The Everest Peak climbing need great courage and effort to finish it up. This need great body strength and fitness level. As this is one of the most difficult peak climbing in Nepal you need to train well before trying this peak climbing. Trekker must have experience of completing small peak climbing before to be eligible fot this peak climbing. The top of the world is so cold and challenging that you need great thought to challenge this weather condition.

You will have a great memory from the peak climbing and the golden name that you earn by completing the difficult task of your life is priceless. The Everest peak climbing need a little bit bank balance. You need to pack very warm cloths and the food that give great energy. So, please make a well plan to do this trekking.

Other peak climbing also offer the great mountain experience. You will have a close look of typical village life and their culture are awesome. The other peak climbing include Yala Peak Climbing, Mera peak climbing, Annapurna peak climbing and many more. You should,nt miss any of these peak climbing before the end of your youth age.


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