Why Choose WorkationX to Co-work and Co-live?


Why Choose WorkationX to Co-work and Co-live?


The definition of how we work has changed for the better. People refuse to be caged in a cubicle and want the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. The advent of the internet has helped people to come out from their offices and explore the world while continuing their work. Digital nomads, as they are rightly called, have a penchant to travel and blend work and life.

The Concept of Co-Work and Co-Live:

Digital nomads have the flexibility to work from anywhere. So combining work with their passion for travel, digital nomads are constantly traveling and making new friends while seeking never-before experiences. Taking advantage of this concept, new places have sprouted, which offers the digital nomads a place to stay with other similar people. This gives them a chance to interact with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startup teams. This co-working and co-living space include events, adventures, outings, and dinners.

WorkationX – The Perfect Place to Co-work and Co-live

WorkationX is India’s highest remote workstation in the Himalayas. Keeping the preferences of digital nomads in mind, WorkationX seeks to assimilate together professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs; who want to explore and experience the Himalayas and work at the same time. This community platform hosts teams or individuals who aspire to continue their work amidst the breathtaking view of the mountains and valleys. A perfect accommodation, meals, and Wi-Fi are provided so that the digital nomads can work from their workstations set up on the foot of the Himalayas. The mentors at the WorkationX hold workshops to guide people. It has two co-working rooms called Focus and CoLab that have the ability to bring out the best. The co-living spaces are the suites on a twin sharing basis.     

Benefits of Co-Working and Co-Living in WorkationX:

  • With co-working and co-living, digital nomads get to seek new ideas and innovations. It gives them to interact with like-minded people and exchange ideas.
  • With co-living and co-working at WorkationX, you needn’t spend time on commuting to the office.   
  • There are no fixed hours to work. You are available 365*24*7. Got an idea bang at the midnight hour? No problem. You can work on it then and there itself. There is free and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity here.
  • Co-living and co-working increase productivity. With so beautiful surroundings of the Himalayas, ideas are sure to pop out of the head often.   

WorkationX creates customized itineraries and manages workspace and bookings as per the customer request. Co-work and co-live the experience at WorkationX today!

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